Logo Design


I love logo design

It is one of my favourite elements of graphic design... Being there right at the beginning whilst you develop the branding of your new business, product or service and helping you decide on your corporate identity (the symbols, typefaces and colours that will run throughout all your printed and online literature to help build your brand).

It's really important to look at your target market and create a logo and branding which appeals to them, but it also needs to make you stand out from your competitors.

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So, what if you already have a logo and just want it updating? Some of the logos I've created were evolved from an original 'tired' logo. If you are bored with your logo and want a fresh new look, or don't think it represents your business, or targets your audience properly, let me bring it up-to-date and in-line with your brand!

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Please contact me to find out more information about the process including design costs and likely print costs.

"The service that I received from Jade was astounding. I have always been used to having an in-house design team, so I was not convinced that this would ever work. Jade has bags of creative skill that is backed up with a clear understanding of our requirements and aspirations. We have, as a result, created a logo that before long will be a household name in Scotland."